Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The case of the vanishing peanuts...

We recently bought a bag of peanuts to add a little treat to the bird feeder. I had heard that Blue Jay's really like them. The first day I put a handful out in the tray feeder, and when I glanced next there wasn't a single one left.

The next day I paid more attention. At 8:00 AM the bird feeder was freshly filled.

Then a Jay showed up.

A peanut vanished down his throat. Then another, and another, until he looked like he had a bad case of mumps. Blue Jays are members of the Corvid family. They are able to carry food in their throat and upper esophagus, a space known as a "gular pouch." Crows are another common member of the Corvid family.
I was fascinated to watch the process...

In one hour, that bird had cleared the feeder of every last peanut.

Case closed.

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