Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning in the pasture...

I took my camera outside with me this morning while I was doing chores.
An enormous Raven swooped in, calling, "Cronk!  Cronk!" and dined on some treasure near where Jane Doe and her mama, Celeste, were lounging. 

All the girls gathered around the hay pile for a friendly, communal breakfast.

I am very pleased with the chickens I raised last spring. They are Light Brahmas, and I find them to be particularly attractive. They have been laying eggs all winter, which delights me. I love the look of them, with their big, fluffy feet.  They are very large birds, notice how big the rooster is compared to the 150 pound goat in this picture below.

I am not sure exactly what they are finding to eat on the barren looking winter pasture. They take very little of the chicken food I provide for them, yet still roost at night with their crops bulging full of whatever it is they dine on.  I love to watch them ranging around, scratching and pecking, then moving on, all in a group, to explore some other area that might have tasty tidbits. They cover a lot of ground during the course of a day, and I imagine they rest well when they finally tuck themselves up at night. 

It is 29 degrees outside this morning, so the puddles around the pasture are frozen.  The ducks are happy to find warm water in a pan, and will play in it until the temperature rises and the puddles thaw.  Then they will spend their time exploring each wet spot with apparent glee.  They appear to be the happiest of birds, and it makes me smile to watch them enjoying life to the waddling fullest.

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