Monday, February 8, 2016

One more bunny tale...

I don't mean to be redundant, writing about nothing but my animals, but this little tale yearns to be told.  See the open space there, to the right of Mr. Abbott?  It is an opening, with a long ramp, that leads an adventurous bunny down to a lovely 4'x8' area where a little rabbit can run and hop and really stretch out a bit.  We moved Mr. Abbott into this luxury condo on January 2, and though he has looked longingly down the ramp, he never once left the "upstairs" to venture out.

The morning after his new friend, Costello, came to stay (see previous post) I found both rabbits down on the ground level. They had made the brave walk down the ramp to explore the rest of their dwelling.  I may have been imagining things, but they looked rather cold and unhappy.  I wondered if they knew how to get back UP the ramp.  I put fresh apples, carrots and greens in the upstairs "food room," and left them to their own devices for a few hours while we ran some errands.  When we got home, the food was untouched, and the rabbits were still on the ground.  I caught them with a net and put them back upstairs, where they ate and drank like bunnies who had been a long time without sustenance.  I checked often during the rest of the day, and they were hanging tight upstairs, avoiding the snowy under level.

Today I saw Mr. Abbott run down the ramp.  He hopped, and jumped, and did wild leaping twists in the air, zooming from one end of the enclosure to the other.  Then he zipped back up; an intrepid pioneer, exploring with aplomb.  I have not seen Costello come back down, but I imagine he will when he is ready.

Meanwhile, it is fun to look out my window and see little Mr. Abbott having a party and stretching his hoppy parts.  Who knows what the team will be up to next?

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