Friday, February 5, 2016

Feeding in the snow...

 Despite my admonition to myself to "Think Spring," (see the chalkboard on the center shelf) today dawned with snow-filled skies.

No matter the weather, Chanel waits by the fence for me at breakfast time.
She polishes off her small ration of grain and supplements with gusto.
The goats are fond of breakfast, too.
After they have had their fill, one by one, they file to the heated water tub for a deep drink...
after that it was off to the to the shed. Goats do not love wet weather, but they did spend a fair amount of time looking out at the snow coming down. 

There was much activity at the bird feeders today. Morning doves, which some think are quite plain...
are truly lovely up close.  Their eye lids are an enchanting shade of blue, and in the right light their neck feathers are iridescent.

This little red breasted nuthatch donned a snowflake cap to celebrate the day...
Then tossed it off like yesterdays news.

As always, the chickadees were on hand to delight me with their antics and happy voices.
I spent much of the day feeding animals.  Part of it working.  The rest of it admiring the whirling white outside my window.  And now I will go rustle up some food for the humans who are coming in out of the storm. 

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LunaMoonShadow said...

You should do up some prints of these photos and pop them in your shop...or just post them on artfire or etsy...they are too lovely not to share/sell!