Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Most of the snow on our property has melted. During the day, there are puddles for the ducks to dabble in, and they are happy.  The chickens have left the immediate confines of their coop and yard, and flow in a flock all over the pasture, pecking and scratching.  I don't know exactly what it is they find to eat, but their crops are bulging full when they go to roost at the end of the day, yet the level of pellets in their feeder does not seem to move.
When it is warm like it was today, the goats and horse seem to relish the sunshine. Watching them makes me realize that I should learn from them this lesson: embrace the moment.

This scene made me happy today.  Seeing the hoof stock all piled up together, enjoying the gift of the mild day and warm sun.

I love that they rest all piled up together, touching one another and sharing the bliss of the moment.
It is a joy to me to see how the animals here on this farmlett relate to one another.  If anyone thinks that animals don't have liaison's, I would tell them otherwise.  Even the chickens have preferences for which birds they roost with, which they explore with, which they eat with.

 The goats all cuddle up, too, when they rest.  It is easy to see how they relate as a herd.  Luna is the queen, and is always deferred to. When they play or rest, it is plain that there is a connection between them, and order to their relationships.

I love it when they all cuddle together to rest. And when the horse joins in, soaking up the sun, it just melts me.

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