Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mr. Abbot finds a friend...

Go ahead and roll your eyes if you feel so inclined, but ever since I brought little Mr. Abbott (say it fast) to live here at FairWinds, I've had a feeling he was lonely.  I was a little afraid that if I got him some company, they would fight.

Recently a friend mentioned that she had multiple rabbits, and I asked if she thought I could introduce a pal to live with Mr. Abbott. She thought a moment and said, "I have a neutered male that I think would get along with him just fine."  We made plans for her to bring him over.  She suggested that I introduce them in a neutral place, so the new guy would not be invading Mr. Abbott's territory.  I cleaned out a big dog crate and fixed it up with clean shavings, hay, food and water.

When I knew my friend was on her way, I went and gathered Mr. Abbott up from his house.

Isn't he cute?  And his fur is so soft. He smells like clean hay when I kiss him.  Yeah, I kiss him, I admit it.

The new rabbit arrived in a handsome blue cat carrier.  He looked a little worried.
I scooped him up. He is irresistibly adorable. He is a Lionhead rabbit, which means he has long, sumptuous, hair on his head.  And he has lovely blue eyes.

 We carried the two of them out and put them in the crate I had readied. They sniffed. They explored their space. My friend had said they would probably fight a little, then rest, then fight some more.  She said we could expect some scratches, bites and pulled hair.  I watched. It was a little anticlimactic.  They snuggled. Mr. Abbott seemed so happy.

We left them alone for a few hours. When we came back, they were still cuddling. So, we moved them back to the bunny palace.

We named the new guy Costello.  As in Abbott and Costello. Costello explored his new digs. He found the snug sleeping room filled with hay, and seemed to approve. He found the room with food and water, and sampled a spinach leaf.  Mr. Abbott looked on. I swear he seemed happy.

I hope tonight they will snuggle under the hay, together. It makes me feel good to think that Mr. Abbott won't be lonely any more. I hope Costello will enjoy his new friend, and his new bunny palace.  As for me, I am so happy he is here.  Welcome to FairWinds, little guy. 

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Crooked Shade Farm said...

Are you sure your new rabbit is a he? I hear that rabbits are notoriously hard to sex. Could be they're doing lots more cuddling and there'll be more company than you intended.