Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bravo's big day...

Bravo was full of beans today, and needed some exercise and entertainment.  We took him with us to take our trash to the transfer station, and to the feed store.  Then we went to the fair grounds and walked the track... 1/2 mile.

He did lots of sniffing of all the new smells.  We did a little training. This pictures shows his response when I said, "Bravo, COME!"

He is becoming more handsome as he grows... moving from adorable puppy to lovely young adult.  And he is so sweet, and so good.

After our walk we stopped by our favorite swimming hole.

In that last shot he must have seen the Loch Ness Monster or something.  After a nice swim, we stopped by a favorite ice cream place. I had a scoop of coconut almond, Chris had Java Crunch.  Bravo had vanilla with two cookies.

I put it down and told him to "wait."  He did.

Then I said, "OK!"

Game on!  He licked and licked and enjoyed every bit of the cool, creamy treat.

Then home and a nap.  Bravo had a big day.

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