Sunday, July 10, 2016


The spring was marked with many new baby animals at FairWinds, and summer has them growing, growing...

The diminutive Silky hen will not be able to let the Light Brahma chicks huddle under her warm skirts for much longer.  But for now, those little faces are enchanting peeking out from under her fluff.
The broiler chicks are huge. It is hard to believe that just 7 or so weeks ago they were hatchlings. Their diet of grass,clover, bugs, goat milk and pound after pound of food is serving them well.  I think they weigh at least 5 pounds each, maybe more.

To my dismay, the youngest goats have learned to dance on the roof of the rabbit house.  I wonder what the bunnies think when they hear the thunder of hooves above them?  Note Barley on the right, caught in mid-leap by my trusty camera.  Hops and Jane are on the roof.  When we brought Barley and Hops home in early May, they were tiny... under 10 pounds each.  Now they are close to 50 pounds, I think.

And the ducklings!  My goodness, it is getting difficult to tell the babies from the adults these days. I wish I could find homes for more of them.  8 went off to new farms last week, but I still have 10 that I would like to place. Or, maybe 9.  There is one very small duckling that may stay right here.

And then there is the wonderfulness of baby Bravo.  He loves toys, and plays riotous games by himself. He tosses the toys and races after them, catching and tossing again. He is becoming more nimble and agile as he gains muscle.

 A smart and happy puppy, he brings me much joy and laughter as he grows.

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