Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wild and free...

We used to have a rabbit which was allowed to roam free.  That wasn't our original intention, of course, because there are many dangers for a small bunny that is not kept safe in a hutch or coop or cage. However,this rabbit was so miserably unhappy when confined we let her live by her own devices.  She would greet me each morning for food and treats, and the rest of the time hung out with the chickens or lounged in the sun or hid in places only she knew about.  She lived a long and happy life and we missed her when she died of old age.

Last winter we added two more pet rabbits to the place, and I thought I might let them have some free time once the weather was fine. But their hutch is so nice and big and roomy, and I worried so much about rabbits being eaten by a fox or a hawk, I kept them in.  A few days ago, when I opened their door to feed them, one hopped out.  He looked so happy in the tall grass, I shrugged and left the door ajar. All day the bunnies hopped around, nibbling on grass and weeds and looked altogether charming.  In the evening I went out with food, water and treats, and it was no trouble at all to round them up and put them safely in their hutch.  So all week that has been our routine.

It is fun to see them racing about, exploring the pasture.

They stay together for the most part, and the black and white one only has three legs so he does not go very far or very fast.  I hope they can stay safe and enjoy some freedom.  Carpe Diem, little ones. Hop wild and free!

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