Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Living like tourists..."

Chris likes to say that we try to live like tourists.  Here we are in Maine... arguably one of the most beautiful places in the country. It would be a shame not to explore the place!  Today we drove New Harbor, and took a Seal Watch tour.

The weather was nothing short of stunning.  There was one large family on board the boat, and us, along with the captain and two naturalist/crew members.  Surrounded by salt air and sea, it was a joyful ride to the ledge where seals are known to hang out.

This little guy was on board, and told us all, "I've been waiting to see seals for YEARS!  Since I was in my mommies tummy!"

 As luck would have it, the tide was high and the seals were out hunting.  Not a single seal was there to be seen on the ledge.

But their sleek heads could be seen bobbing in the water...

And this pup came close to the boat...
Living like tourists. It's a good idea, and makes for special days and happy memories.  I like the way my husband thinks.

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