Thursday, July 21, 2016

Old and new...

We had a fun outing last weekend which involved traveling to Rockport, Massachusetts and visiting with many family members, (including my incredibly fabulous 18 month old great niece, with whom I am hopelessly in love!)  I got home and tried to blog about it, and my computer decided to add random letters where they were not invited.  For instance, I wanted to title my post, "Away we go..." and the computer did this:  "Atwtayt wtet gtot."  Other letters besides "t" would be rudely inserted where they didn't belong as well.  My wonderful computer geek husband was unable to fix it.  A new computer had been on my wish list for Christmas anyway, as mine was elderly by computer standards had some other troubling issues. Throwing caution and Yankee frugality to the wind, I  decided to live large and ordered a lovely brand new laptop. Due to the wonders of modern time, it arrived in less than 48 hours.  

But now there is that awkward time where I am learning how to use different, updated technology, and load the things I wish to keep from my sweet, old computer, onto my spiffy sleek new one.  I am sure we will soon get to know each other and things will be smooth sailing, but for now I am struggling along trying to adapt to marvelous updates.

The computer is not the only new thing here, either.  The first of July one of my Light Brahma laying hens went broody for the first time.  Last night I took a peek under her to see if any other chickens had added their eggs to hers (I marked her eggs so I would know which was which,) and there was a flurry of movement under her feathers.  I left her alone while the remainder of her eggs hatched, and by this afternoon there were 5 or 6 wee chicks tucked warmly under her feathers.

This is what a freshly hatched chick looks like.  After just a little while they fluff up and look like this...
I put special food and water containers near the nest so the babies can eat and drink.  Mama hen is NOT amused by my messing about with her new babies.

She gives me a frightening looking stink-eye.  She does allow my efforts, but woe to anyone  else who dares to reach in- they are rewarded with a vicious peck from that cruel beak.

New chicks and new computers.  Plenty to keep me busy on these fine summer days.

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