Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A little help from a friend...

Though my injured shoulder is mending, there are still things I cannot do, and things I sort of can do but am not supposed to, according to my physical therapist.  Gardening is difficult.  I needed to weed, which involves pulling, and mulch, which involves lifting heavy things (50 pound bags.) I also needed to do things that involve digging and hoeing and pruning and other chores that really require two good arms.

Lucky for me I have a friend who is a gardening whiz.

She is so kind, and agreed to come help me out.  First thing this morning, when I was still in my PJ's and enjoying breakfast, she was here.  Bright eyed and vibrating with energy, she went right to work. In 5 hours she weeded, pruned, dug, raked, mulched, hauled and made things pretty.

She works with amazing speed and accuracy. Best of all, she seems to tackle the projects that are most important to me, without me saying a word. And she does things just exactly like I wish I could, only better.

 In no time she realized that any plants she pulled or cut would be welcomed by the goats.  HUGE armfuls of hosta and apple branches, spent sunflowers and weeds were carried to the fence and tossed over.

It was a happy day.  My yard looks prettier, my work load is lessened, and my goats are full of delicious treats.  I am so grateful for friends.

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