Sunday, September 4, 2016

Celebrating fall...

I love fall. I am especially looking forward to this autumn because my summer was pretty much a bust after my shoulder injury.  It feels like a new beginning as the change of season coincides with my feeling better.

So today we did a little celebrating the season.  Chris, Rachel, her friend Emma and I went to Beth's farm stand.  It was a feast for the eyes; a sea of chrysanthemums, pumpkins, squash of every imaginable kind, gourds and corn shocks.  It's like all the most wonderful things of fall displayed in one pretty place.  I loaded up with lovely things.

When I got home I made a centerpiece that is mostly all edible.  And pretty.

We put a mess of tomatoes and other veggies in the big counter cooker and started making a years worth of sauce.  It takes a while to do, but OH! it makes the house smell so fine.

Meanwhile, we had heated up some of last seasons sauce, and Rachel tried her hand at making pasta for the first time.  My sweet cousin Christin oh-so-generously sent me her well loved pasta maker as she no longer uses it.

 The pasta maker worked perfectly!

Bravo was most interested to see food hanging at puppy face level.  

Too bad for him we didn't share.  It was delicious! So much better than dried, boring, store bought could ever hope to be.
Later in the day Chris and I headed off to the beach.  The day was lovely, but we both agreed we could feel a change in the air.  Fall. It's coming.  And I'm glad.

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