Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rooster, round two, and more...

I dutifully caught the rooster last night and tucked him back up in his bachelor pad. I felt quite pleased with myself.  Until this morning, when I noticed something large and dark in there. Ella goat, my most mischievous girl.  She had opened the door, and let herself in to dine upon the delicacy of chicken food.  In so doing, the rooster had made yet another escape.  I will try again tonight. Stay tuned.
Despite this minor frustration, the other animals continue to delight. Check out this Silky chick.
It has one funny feather that hangs over it's little head. It reminds me of an angler fish, and cracks me up every time I see it.

Abraham has really settled in well.  He gets along with all of the other animals, but has developed a special bond with Ella. They eat together, graze together, and rub all over one another.  It is totally charming to see them interact.  

Bravo pup is 6 months old now.  He is an awfully good boy.  Every morning he asks to hop up on the grooming table. I brush him all over and he seems to enjoy the attention.  Then, while I am getting ready for the day, I find Bravo sleeping sweetly on the table.  I think it's adorable.
The baby bunnies are a week old.  I have never raised rabbits before. It is astonishing how fast they grow, and they are sensationally cute.  When I check on them, the whole nest erupts in little squeaks and they begin to hop about like very warm little jumping beans.  I have to restrain myself from peering in at them too often.

The mornings and evenings are chilly now, the nip of fall in the air.  Afternoons have been warm and bright and lovely. It's a happy time.

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DT said...

Sounds like life as it should be, to me. Animals bring out the best in us and unconditionally accept all our flaws as well as our goodness. What a lovely place to be. FairWinds--