Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Fall moves me. Literally. I go into nesting mode in a big way.  Furniture gets moved from room to room. Baseboards get scrubbed on bended knee. My vacuum cleaner gets a work out.

This weekend I decided my kitchen was too crowded. I love my kitchen, but it had too much furniture. One thing I didn't need, but love, is the wee little hutch my mother gave me.  I didn't want to put it in the no mans land of the garage, so I found it a new home in my grooming studio.  I like it there.

Today I had the day off, with a physical therapy appointment at 10:00.  It's a 30 minute drive to that appointment, so I had to leave here at 9:30.  I got up early, cooked breakfast for Chris then headed out to do chores.  I hauled hay, freshened water, fed everyone. milked goats.  Bravo trailed along every step of the way, a happy little spirit.  He brings a toy, and I toss it a thousand times.
He runs to fetch it, then tosses it in the air, over and over, running with the sheer joy of being alive. It's contagious.

The morning was cool and crisp and lovely.  Canada geese v'd overhead, calling their lonesome song. It was so fine I didn't want to go back inside. So I cleaned the pony shed, hauling out all the old shavings and replacing them with fresh, fragrant ones. I swept down the spider webs that spring up overnight. I raked the area in front of the shed.  Then I cleaned the bunny hutch, and filled their food and water. I brought them an apple and some dandelion greens.  Next I cleaned the Silkie's wee coop. I even washed the window. Three times.

It looked so pretty I stood back to take a picture.  Ella photo bombed!

While I was in the midst of this cleaning frenzy, I cleaned out the big coop, too.  I washed those windows as well.

I even hung a wreath on their door.  Something simple,tasteful. It's a little crooked and needs a bow, but the birds have not complained.

I figured I'd better check the time, as I surely needed a shower before I headed out.  It was 8:45. All that work done, and done well, and I had plenty of time to shower, get dressed and head out.  I was pretty pleased with myself.  After months of feeling like something less than normal, it felt great to be back in my own little groove. Shavings in my shoes, sweat on my brow, and clean animal housing in my wake.

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