Saturday, September 3, 2016


As the sun sets on this week I look back at it with much gratitude.  There have been beautiful sunsets every night, lovely blessings to celebrate some most excellent days.
Monday I got the call that the book I co-wrote with my friend has been printed and is available for sale.  Something funny happens when I write, as soon as I send the words off to be printed in a magazine (or a BOOK!) I pretty much forget what I have written.  Once someone called me to discuss an article I had written. There is a 3 month lag between the time an article is due and the time it hits the presses.  The woman who called me had just received the magazine I had written the article for months before. I literally had no memory of it, and was convinced she had the wrong person! So, when I saw the picture of the book with my name on the cover, I was thrilled and excited and had no memory of what we'd sent to be inside the cover.

A few days later my very own copy arrived via UPS and I was even happier.  Every page I turned was a fun surprise.

Tuesday I drove to Portland to see the shoulder doctor.  He was quite pleased with my progress and told me to go away and not come back unless I had some painful new developments, which he does not expect I will. I really like this doctor, but hope I never see him again.

Wednesday I managed to groom ten little dogs in my studio... all by myself.  That was too many and I wished I hadn't scheduled the way I did, but I was still delighted that I was able to do it.

Thursday and Friday Rachel and I worked together and had pleasant days.  We even managed to get in a visit to our favorite little farmers market on Friday.

Bravo began doing something that delights me this week, too.  Every morning I milk the goats, and he normally sits outside and watches.  This week he began joining me as I milk, resting his sweet chin on my knee and gazing up at me during the pleasant milking time.  It makes it all just that much sweeter.

Today Chris and I spent a pleasant day together, and tonight I managed to catch ...

the runaway bunny.  This girl had dug out of her lovely enclosure and had been on the loose for over a week.  She stayed nimbly out of the reach of my net, and flaunted her cute little self all over the yard.  I had set a trap for her which she avoided, until tonight.  Now she is safely locked up with plenty of food and water and away from any predators that might like to snack on her.  I will sleep well tonight!

Books and bunnies, pretty weather and good medical news. It's been a lovely little week.

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