Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calm after the storm...

Yesterday unfolded in a rather hectic manner.  A professional photographer friend asked if she could come take some pictures of my animals for a project she is working on.  She mentioned that she'd love to be able to take pictures of the goat kids dancing on the horses back, something she has done in years past.  I told her that lately the morning routine involved Chanel lying down in the pasture somewhere shortly after 7:00 AM and if she felt like being here early she stood a chance of catching the images she desired.  So I was up, showered and dressed by 6, doing chores looking more civilized than I normally do with wild hair and wearing pajamas.  My friend came and Chanel and the kids complied. Many photos were taken.

Moments after she left, my first of three grooming clients arrived.  I took care of each of those pets, and the moment the last dog left I flew out the door with Bravo to go to a training session in preparation for a competition we entered for next weekend.  That was fun and he did well.  We scooted out a bit early because we were expecting visitors.  A long time grooming friend from Florida and her sister were in Maine to pick up her new puppy, Breeze. Breeze is an English Shepherd, and from the same parents as Bravo.  My friend drove here to see us and let us meet little Breeze. What a treat!

They were packing up to head back to Portland when three friends arrived to watch the last of the Triple Crown horse races, the Belmont Stakes. We traditionally have a little pot luck meal and watch the races together.  The theme for this supper was Mexican. Chris made carne asada, I made fresh tortillas, Rachel made guacamole, and Marion brought delicious refried beans, home made salsa, and a mouth watering strawberry/rhubarb crisp.  A feast!

After our guests left, Rachel and Evans filled up her little car with more items, and Smooch the pooch. With a jaunty wave they headed off to Belfast to spend their first night in their cozy new apartment. And just like that both the busy day and a life chapter were ended.  We were down to two dogs and no child at home.  Chris and I looked at each other and sighed.  Suddenly the house seemed very, very quiet.

This morning as I did chores I could hear birds singing and flies buzzing.  The rabbits were dancing around the yard.

And mama bluebird was busily bringing food to her chicks. In and out of the nest box she goes, all day long.
Unlike ours, her nest is not empty.

A warm summer day stretches before me, ripe with promise, and calm. New beginnings are afoot.

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