Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Poor decisions...

As a human being I am prone to making some poor decisions.  I made one last night, thinking with my heart instead of my head.  And you know what? I'm not sorry.

Here is the story.  Three years ago Luna, my first and all-time favorite goat, had twin kids, a boy and a girl.  I sold them both, but thought long and hard before selling the doeling.  She was a pretty thing, and I knew she might be Luna's last kid.  But, I was trying to be a very good farmer, and knowing that Luna had never been a very healthy goat, I decided not to keep her daughter.  My neighbors bought her and another little female goat from me. I got to see them from time to time, and all was well.

Then the neighbors decided they didn't want goats any more and told me they wanted to sell theirs. I found someone I knew who wanted them, and off they went to their new home.

Last night I received a message from the young woman who had the goats.  "I know you really liked that Saanen doe. I am thinning my herd, and I will give her to you if you want her. I can bring her by tomorrow." I told Chris. "You HAVE to get her," he said.  It was a bad idea.  I have plenty of goats, more than I need, truth be told. And my original decision not to keep her was sound.

But then there is this; I have been missing Luna so much. She was the heart of my little farm and I still find myself looking for her when I go out to the pasture.  If her current owner sold this Luna daughter to someone else, I would lose the chance to have a little piece of Luna forever.

This afternoon I got a text message, "I'll be there in 15 minutes."  I stopped what I was doing and when I heard her truck pull in, I walked outside. I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the lovely little doe surveying her surroundings.  She looks exactly like her mama.

The other goats did a little sniffing. A little head butting.  But mostly all was calm in the pasture.
The Luna daughter was called, "May," in her last home, and that is a perfectly nice name, but I think we will call her, "Spirit."  I feel like the ghost of her mother is back on the farm.
She is very friendly, follows me like a puppy, and just like that, she has leaped into my heart.  The very same heart that over-ruled my head and made a bad decision.  I'm still not sorry.

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