Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Presto change-o..!

Here's a little secret.  I have disliked my garage doors for years and years.


I never saw them when they were new, but I'm sure they were not pretty then, either.  Time was not kind. Though they were automatic, the creaks and groans and rumbles they made when we pushed the button rivaled the sounds of a wooden roller coaster from the '60's.  The paint was a mess, and several of the windows were broken because the doors were warped and when they opened/shut sometimes a pane of glass would spontaneously explode.  It made for some excitement if you were standing nearby.  

A few years back I started noticing some carriage style garage doors appearing around, and I was struck with a horrid case of envy. I coveted and coveted.  They looked SO much better than my ratty old things.  I priced them out and it was clear that they were out of my budget. I tried not to fixate, but to me our garage doors made our whole place look shabby and worn.  

For my birthday this year Chris, (I really should refer to him as Saint Chris, I think) gifted me with a wad of cash from his recent work bonus and told me to go get new doors.  

Imagine my excitement when this morning this van backed smoothly into the driveway. 

Just one van, and one guy.  I had envisioned a job of this magnitude would take a trailer full of equipment and a whole crew.  I was wrong.  It took Eric all day, but he worked along at a steady rate and by days end I was treated to this view. 

When I push the button the doors glide up smoothly and quietly. No screaming of metal on metal, no shattering glass.  There is not much adventure to open these beauties, and I'm good with that.  

I feel like the whole place has had a face lift. Presto change-o!  What a difference.  One of the best birthday presents of all time, don't you think? 

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