Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Tonight we hugged and kissed and said goodbye to 4 far-flung family members who we do not see often enough. Chris' three sisters and once niece came from Florida and Mississippi to take  peek at Maine and spend time with us.  It was a joy to welcome them here.

We took them to see some of our favorite places; the view from Mt. Battie, the quaint charm of downtown Camden, Rockport Harbor...
Chris was so happy to spend time with his sisters. He especially enjoyed showing sister Meg around, as she had never visited before.
 I always enjoy spending time with my in-laws.  They are a fun and funny bunch, and we laugh a lot when we are together.
We prepared a few meals for them.  Chris likes to show love by cooking, and he trotted out some of his best dinners for his beloveds. Cajun Shrimp Scampi, steamed lobster, double breaded pork cutlets with lemon/dill sauce, each more delicious than the last.  Everyone joined us for breakfast a couple of times, too. Moments around the table were marked with stories told;  some old family favorites were trotted out with flair, and some new ones delighted us, as well.
One night they took us out to celebrate Rachel and Evans engagement.  They brought generous and thoughtful gifts, and we dined on the waterfront while the sun went down, celebrating a sweet union.

It was a visit rich in all the best things, catching up on the events we miss when we are so far apart, hearing about other family members, eating too much good food. There were hugs and grins and a good time all around. We even went wedding dress shopping... successfully. The aunts and cousin seemed to enjoy being a part of the process when Rachel said "yes," to the dress! 

And now they are packing up to go back to warmer climes, leaving us with happy memories and grateful hearts for good times spent with family. I hope only hope that they cherished the time as much as I did. 

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