Thursday, June 8, 2017

Some people...

My daughter is getting married in October.  We are plotting and planning the event, with a fair amount of glee.  A practical woman, she is planning to be a frugal bride.  "The marriage is important, not a big, expensive party."  We've been working extra, selling things we no longer need or love and squirreling away any cash we can lay our hands on into a little vintage tin box. A growing wedding fund.  Grooming tips are going in there, too, and we have mentioned this to several customers.  Some now come in to pay for their grooming with a few dollar bills folded in hand, nodding towards the box, "Put this in the fund," they say with shy smiles.  It delights us.

One of the things Rachel wants to do is to collect mis-matched but pretty china plates to serve the wedding feast on.  We've been scouring antique shops and plan to hit some yard sales. I mentioned this to one of my customers while I was grooming her dog and we were chatting.  She seemed to think it was an interesting idea.

A few days later she was at the door, unexpectedly.  She had a pretty wicker basket in hand...
Inside were 4 beautiful china plates, in perfect condition.  "I went to an antique store with a friend and told her about your daughters plan," she said.  "She spied these.  They are Haviland. And there is a little something for the fund, too."  Inside, a lovely card with a crisp $50. bill.  Rachel and I both found that our eyes became strangely leaky when we took in the sweetness of this incredibly thoughtful gift.

Some people bring us much joy.

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