Thursday, September 24, 2009

Konstanz, Germany...

This historic city escaped bombing during WWII because of its proximity to Switzerland. Buildings remain that date back to Midevil times! The Rhine river meets Lake Constance here, (also known as Bodensee.) We walked the cobblestones, stared slack jawed at buildings with dates from the 1400's on thier walls, saw a Zepplin and a hot air balloon sail over the lake, and watched the enormous Imperia statue twirl majestically in the harbor. There was music spilling into the air and people wearing colorful traditional German garments.

Our friend Erich gave us the tour... complete with a ferry trip across the lake and a wonderful dinner of fresh local fish in a restaurant that was snuggled up to the waters edge.

We passed immaculate vineyards, apple orchards, acres of rolling farmland, one house more beautiful than than the other. I knew I would enjoy my trip here, but I had no idea how beautiful Germany would be.

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