Monday, September 14, 2009

Legs and fuzz and fears and more...

In my previous post I admitted to my fear of spiders. Part of that fear is directly related to the ridiculous number of legs that spiders have. 8 is just too many in my opinion. 8 legs immediatly removes creatures from the cuddly catigory.

Somehow, things with 4 or 6 legs seem just FINE to me. Cute, even... especially if you add fuzz, like this moth has.
My sister, on the other hand, had a horrific fear of moths. Our brother knew of this fear and one time removed the screen to my sisters bedroom window and turned a light on in her room. Years later my poor sister shudders to remember this episode.

What is it that causes our fears? For me it is too many legs, for my sister it is wings and night flight. My kid seems to be frighteningly fearless. My husband has a slight problem with tight spaces and a bigger problem with heights. Some people are afraid to fly, while I find it an exhilerating boost closer to God.

When my baby was little I feared death. Because... my baby needed me. Now that she is grown and smart and savvy... my fear of death is almost gone. As I age I find I lose my fear of small things, (things with too many legs and the like) fades. I feel positively BRAVE as I near 50.

The mirror reflects lines and wrinlkles, folds and flab, gray and sags. And yet... and yet... I am more fearless than I was when I was youthful and firm. Me? I think it's a fair trade.


OhAimee said...

Absolutely LOVE this photo. And this post. I always wonder if when I get older I'll stop feeling life so intensely. You make me think that you get to feel it just as intensely... just minus the fear. :)

Sean Patrick said...

What has 6legs?

Cottagecheap said...

Rachel....fearless? What wears a mask even at home?


Love that moth...I think they are so pretty!