Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today's adventure...

Today I am going to have a BIG ADVENTURE! My friends Liz and Holly keep their horses at a large stable in a neighboring town. They are going to pick me and my horse up today and we are all going to spend the day together. We will ride in the indoor arena and go for a trail ride, as well. My horse will then spend the night there, and we'll do it all again tomorrow. They have a place there to bathe horses with warm water, so Chanel can have a nice bath before winter sets in.
These ladies are experienced horse people, and I am green as grass... so I am a bit intimidated. However, I know they will teach me things and I will stretch and grow. It is one of my goals as I age to keep growing, learning, trying new things.
My tack is all clean and smelling wonderful, and soon I will go get Chanel all brushed up and ready to travel. Stay tuned for photos of todays excitment!

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