Friday, September 11, 2009


Porkchop the lamb likes to make faces. I like to take pictures of those faces.

I decided I should add a few more pullets for maximum egg laying this year. Introducing our four new girls:
(note, we are using "egg" names)
Florentine and

(the rest of the flock, in case you are interested, are: HENrietta, RoBIRDa, LAYah, (last years girls) and Quiche, Frittata and Poach, (this years additions.)

So far they are acclimating well to life here... before now they have never left a cage, but today they spent hours scratching in the dirt, eating greens and bugs, exploring and taking luxurious dust baths. I was delighted that they managed to find their way back to the coop at dusk. I now own 10 chickens... 9 girls and a boy. I feel so RICH.

Who knew I would find poultry to be so endlessly fascinating? (OK, OK! I suspected.)

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