Saturday, November 23, 2013

Decorating with dead stuff... (and invisible cracks.)

The top of the armoire where our television set and stereo equipment live begs to be decorated with the seasons. Since I am fickle and change the mood of the thing often, I don't like to spend much, (or any!) money on the effort.

So, as Thanksgiving and a whole lot of company approach, I enlisted my pal Megan to help. I propped her up on a ladder, handed her a bunch of dried flowers that were gifted to me, a few bundles of dried wheat, an old cornucopia basket, some battery operated remote control candles, (love those suckers!) and about 5 seconds later she created this rather lovely tableau.

Funny, I don't notice the cracks in the ceiling during my daily existence. That is probably a good character trait. I do notice how pretty the old dead things look.

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