Sunday, November 10, 2013

November time...

I know people who dread November. Most of the lovely fall colors have gone, and tree branches are barren against the cold sky. There tends to be more gray days than blue.

But then there are these vivid skies at dusk and dawn, that somehow seem richer than they do at other times.

Here in Maine the sun sets very early, and this makes for long, cozy evenings. We often have friends over to enjoy a meal. I met Megan 11 years ago when we first moved to Maine. She was a teen age bather at Yankee Clipper. I got to watch her grow up, go to college, move to another country, start and run a successful grooming business. Now she is back for a visit before she starts a new chapter and we have been able to spend some lovely time together. Here she and Chris are making Cajun Shrimp Scampi. It was delicious!

There is a stillness to this month that I enjoy, time to slow down a bit and reflect on the gifts that decorate our lives.

Every Sunday morning while I do chores I talk to my oldest sister on the phone. We chat about the week past, and plans for the week ahead. Today as we wrapped up our call she said, "I love you, Daryl, and I am glad that my sisters are my best friends." Those words are something to treasure and be thankful for indeed.

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