Monday, November 11, 2013

The goat room...

Chris and our friend Fred worked diligently to create a cozy space for the goats. It is nearly done, we only need to put up a few trim pieces.

Here is the view of what used to be the back of the shed, and is now the lovely face of the goat room.

Wood has been added to the front of the shed as a wind block. The top area will have a sheet of clear fiberglass to let light in.

We put a rope across the doorway, so the goats can trip in and out, but the horse cannot enter the goat area. This means the goats food will be out of reach of the ever hungry pony!

So now the goats have a wonderful, safe space, and I am so grateful for this. We may get our first snow tonight, and if we do I will rest well knowing the hooved members of the family have sturdy shelter.


solarity said...

It's just gorgeous! I even the goats.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Rain said...

Beautiful moon photo and I love the goat barn- they will be safe and snug there this winter!!