Monday, November 4, 2013

The Goat Grotto...

Chris and Fred got the new goat digs almost completely framed in yesterday. I think there are just a few roof supports to be cut and installed, then the siding goes on and the metal roofing gets screwed in. The goats have explored it quite thoroughly. I am delighted by the thing, especially the wonderful window!

I had the day off today and spent most of the morning doing errands. Chris called me and said, "Make a few phone calls today, if you can, and see if we can get some gravel delivered before we put the siding up. The gravel will go inside the foundation and form a nice, solid floor for the girls, with good drainage. We will lay heavy rubber stall mats on top of the gravel once it is smooth, and this will make for an excellent, easy to clean space. I called the local man who delivered gravel for me last year when we built the shed. Not only did he remember me, but where I lived and which gate he should come to. "Is there any way I could get gravel this week?" I asked. "Let me check. I'll call you back." He called in 10 minutes. "I'll be there at 3:30." What service!

The doelings are quite excited about the new "mountain" that appeared. Now I just need to get it all moved and smoothed.

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sulman farooq said...

We built a big platform, bordered by railroad ties, that we filled with gravel, then sand, and 6 stall mats were put on top Horse feeder