Thursday, April 3, 2014

A little smile...

Friend Marion has been talking about getting a pair of Chinese geese for years. She recently found some looking for a home and brought them to hers. She told me, "They love each other. They are always twining their necks together, and I am not sure how they manage not to tie them in an knot." I asked what she named them, and she flippantly replied, "Chris and Daryl." Later I often heard her refer to them as "The Conner's."

I finally got a chance to go see them yesterday. They are lovely birds, and I am not so secretly delighted that she named them after us. I noticed that the geese spent their time with the Runner Ducks. Marion said, "Yeah, the Conner's spend all the time with the W-------'s." (Insert her last name here. I won't print it in order to protect her privacy.) She continued, "The Conner's hang out and neck, the W-------'s are always running around like crazy doing stuff, but they spend all their time together." Sounds about right.

A bit further along in her pasture I saw this:

Her name is Moulan, and she is possibly the most pregnant ewe I have ever seen. This one was impressive, too...

Spring is upon us. Necking geese and sheep about to burst with new life. Combine all this with some wee green shoots I saw in the pasture today and I am full of excitement about the change of seasons!

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