Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Thirty years ago, on March 31, Chris and I were married by one of my college professors. It was a warm spring day. The daffodils were blooming, the birds were singing. We held hands. At one point during the ceremony I suddenly realized I couldn't feel my feet. I thought I was just unused to wearing "heels." Just then my soon to be husband looked down at me and whispered, "Do you feel it?" When he saw my quizzical expression he said, "Are you floating, too?"

Fast forward and we celebrated the date by going to Colorado. I've never been further west than Arkansas, so this was a treat. We went to Red Rocks and a kind lady there took our picture for us.

Red Rocks was amazingly pretty. I love how the clouds here echo the shape of the rock. Chris says he see's Elvis in the cloud.

From there we headed up route 7 to Estes Park. The drive was breathtakingly beautiful.

Chris had arranged for us to stay at The Stanley Hotel. It is old and funky, just our style. Parts of the film "The Shining" were made there. This was our first glimpse of the place:

One thing that surprised us was were the elk that roamed around town. We got to see many of them, up close and personal!

Mule deer were plentiful,too.

We explored Rocky Mountain National park, poked into all the fascinating little shops along the main road, ate our fill of delicious food, held hands, napped, laughed, explored, giggled and kissed. It was a lovely celebration of 30 blissful years. I'm still floating.

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