Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring morning...

While doing chores this morning I could hear the sound of a Pileated Woodpecker on one corner of the property. I heard it call first, then the loud thrumming of it working on a dead tree. I could see it clearly from the fence line... glossy black and white feathers with the signature red crest. These birds are big, about the size of a crow, and I find them to be rather shy. It stayed around while I hauled hay and water but by the time I got my camera it went winging off to the woods in the west. I am hoping he'll be back, I'd love to have a nice photo to share. All was not lost, however, because my morning walk turned up several nice shots.

There is a low spot in the pasture that forms into a large puddle when it is wet outside, as it is now. We jokingly refer to it as "Puddle Pond." The ducks love it... and spend hours looking for tidbits to nibble and splashing about with gusto. Ziva likes the puddle as well.

And sometimes she splashes in her own, wild way...

She is enjoying the warmer weather so much. This morning she spent a lot of time racing as fast as she could. We call this a case of "having the zoomies," or "Crazy legs." It delights me to see her zipping around in high speed. The livestock look at her askance. It would be fun to add a caption to this picture... what is the goat saying to the wild pup?

The ducks were in no danger, Ziva was just blowing past them, but they surely were not impressed by her running fit.

After all that activity she made short work of her breakfast and settled in to work on a bone and enjoy a well deserved nap in the sun. I'll take my camera out again in the morning and see what catches my eye. I'm glad the woodpecker called me out to take some pictures today.

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