Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stormy weather...

A storm with high winds and heavy rains was beginning to blow in this afternoon. I took extra hay and shavings out for the goats so they'd have plenty of food and cozy bedding. The wind was beginning to bend the trees and it made a howling sound as I did chores. The rain came down in intermittent bursts, blowing sideways at the whim of the air currents. It made a musical sound on the metal roof.

I gave the goats supper, then gathered eggs from the coop and fed and watered the meat chicks. Before I went inside to fix our evening meal I walked back out to check on the goats. They were all snuggled in, cozy and safe in their shed. They had no care at all about the cold rain or whipping winds. This is one of the things I love about having animals, knowing that they are well cared for, fed and comfortable. My animals not only bring me joy, they give me deep satisfaction as well.

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