Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring babies and visiting ponies...

My friend Marion has life busting out all over at her farm. Two shiny, baby calves.

And SEVEN new lambs. Triplets from one ewe, two sets of twins from two more ewes. They are painfully cute, and so soft.

Chanel is visiting at the barn where I got her from. She'll be gone a month or so, in hopes that my pasture will grow. She is hard on it... nibbling all growing things right down to the nub. It feels odd to look out and have no pony in the pasture, but she was surely excited to see her two babies and her boyfriend. Lots of running and horse style greetings.

In a few weeks I am expecting a baby goat or two, so there will be new life at Fairwinds, too. Spring is such a happy time.

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solarity said...

That is one gorgeous calf. Is it a Dexter? I can't remember what you said she breeds besides Highlands.
Yay for triplets! And I hope Chanel has a lovely time at spring-pasture camp.

Mary Anne in Kentucky