Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Softer weather...

I cannot truly say that it feels like spring yet, but there is a softening to the weather that is encouraging. Expanses of earth are now brown instead of white, though drifts and piles of dirty snow linger along the roadway. In the woods the ground protected by trees is still deep in winters blanket. But as the snow melts the brooks are rushing noisily, and the ice on the lakes has lost its glossy finish. Now it is the dull color of flat gun metal, its edges tattered and glimmers of water showing through amongst the weedy shores. One sunny day soon those flat spaces will suddenly be all rippling, reflecting water, dotted with ducks and geese, and that will be a very happy day.

The meat chicks arrived last week, and are now in a small enclosure of the front porch, eating and eating and growing so fast I can almost see it happen before my eyes. They are fiercely adorable, and I find myself watching them, entranced. After they eat and drink their fill they pile up under the heat lamp for a nap, snuggled in a pile of yellow fluff. Spring babies enchant me.

The goats and horse seem to be delighted to see the bitter cold weather depart. They lay in the sun, looking blissed out. It was a hard winter, and I worried about them. I am happy to see them enjoying themselves and welcoming the change of seasons in their own way.

My daughter accompanied me to Intergroom, a trade show for pet groomers this past weekend. It was her first trade show, and she kindly drove me there, expertly maneuvering through New York and New Jersey traffic. I no longer enjoy city driving, and it was a treat to leave the travel up to her. At the show she was a ray of light... greeting everyone she met with a firm handshake and great eye contact. My friends and acquaintances found her irresistible, and they all exclaimed about how much we look alike. She jumped right in to help explain the German Red Clipper to prospective customers, shopped for tools and treats,and chatted happily with total strangers. She enjoyed the weekend and I enjoyed it much more than ever before, because I got to share it with her. Time together was a treat and something I treasure.

I plan to be home for a while now, and am full of plans to improve the house and yard this season. I can hardly wait to get started. I am welcoming the softening days and can hardly wait for things to green up and spring to set upon us with a vengeance.

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