Monday, March 16, 2015

Ordering chicks...

The order for the spring chicks is going in today!
I will be getting 25 Cornish cross chicks. These are "dinner chickens." I am also ordering new laying hens, or "breakfast chickens," and am quite excited about it. I will be trying a whole new type, called Light Brahma's. When they are grown up they will look like this:

It will be fun to have new birds! This guy wont know what to think:

This diminutive dude is "Mr. Silly," our rooster. In the past, roosters at FairWinds have all wanted to kill me. Mr. Silly is well behaved. But he has a problem. He's really too small to "get busy" with the big hens. He had one lovely little Silky hen, but she died recently. Poor Mr. Silly tries to woo the big girls, but you can almost hear them laugh at him as they strut away on their long legs. I'm going to have to try to find him a few Silky hens of his own.

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