Thursday, March 26, 2015

Signs of spring...

We still have a LOT of snow on the ground, but it is melting at a rapid rate. And nothing could make me happier! This morning when I did chores it was 36 degrees. It felt like a tropical heat wave. I didn't have to wear my lined overalls, OR gloves or a hat. A true delight.

Yesterday I groomed little Flirt, the toy poodle.

Then I took all that clean, fluffy hair of hers and put it in a suet cage. Next I hung it by the bird feeders.

In past years I have hung nesting material out for the birds,but never saw them take any. However, within moments of hanging this offering out several birds checked it out, and one sweet Chickadee grabbed a beak-full of fluff and headed off to a nearby tree. The thought of little nests lined in soft, clean fur makes me smile.

The change of seasons is finally here, and that is a lot to be happy about.

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