Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some spring...

I've been hanging on the my late aunt Mary Lou's last words lately, "The spring will come again." We've had a little melting weather and the snow drifts have diminished a bit, and that seemed hopeful. Also, Chris bought me a huge pot of daffodils, and nothing says spring quite like those happy, sunshine colored blossoms.

Then this morning I awoke to more snow. Big, heavy, wet flakes. And there is a nasty, biting wind howling around the place. My spirits plummeted a bit. But when I look around there are signs that Lou was right.

That is the top a wicker lawn chair you see, emerging slightly from it's deep bed of snow. And that second picture? It is the edge of our picnic table, peeking out.

Although the turkeys that trotted up the house at dawn were frosted in new snow, the storm stopped far short of what was predicted, and tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 30's, which means more melting will happen.

While my friend Chez in Indiana and my friend Debi in Georgia post pictures of blooming crocus and roses, respectively, my poor climbing rose is a pathetic ice bound thing, looking quite dead. I hope it isn't.

The bird feeders are still very popular, as you can see by all the little birdie foot prints on my deck. And this saucy little Red Breasted Nuthatch is a recent arrival to the place. I had not seen one all winter, and am enjoying having him around. He is quite bold, zooming past my head while I replenish the seed supply. I've also had some Pine Siskin's for the first time since last year,and some other birds I cannot readily identify. I welcome them all.

Luna goat has had several very good days. She is still not eating as much as I'd like her to, but she is up, bright eyed and active. She has even had some feisty head butting contests with the other goats. When she is still we can see movement on both sides of her belly... a kid or kids squirming about. And that is an excellent sign that spring will come again.

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