Friday, March 6, 2015

Saying goodbye...

I said goodbye to a friend today. A four footed guy, one that I liked the moment I met and grew to love over the years. I was able to to know and love his people, too. He's been a long term friend... nearly 12 years now. Recent studies suggest that if you have a friend for 7 years they will likely be your pal for life.

His people invited me to be there to send him off. He was comfortable on the master bed, and his veterinarian came to ease him into whatever is next. He was ready. His body was sick and tired. He lay still, in the arms of his favorite human, and passed silently and peacefully from this good earth. I was grateful to be there, grateful to have known him and thankful that this knowing brought other friends to my life, as well.

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El Dauncey said...

I agree with the choice of making our loved ones transitions as easy as possible and to be with them to give them the last bit of love that we can. You are a wise and good human. Elenore