Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A tale of two trucks...

Almost 14 years ago we bought a shiny, brand new, Ford F150 pickup truck. For ME. A big, full sized, 5 speed truck. I named her Doozy. I have loved that truck every one of the 180 thousand miles I've put on her. She still runs like a champ, and has been a wonderful, reliable vehicle this whole, happy time. We recently took her in for annual inspection, and to my great sorrow we were told that her frame was rusted out, and she needed some pretty major repairs.

I told my daughter that poor Doozy was through,and said, "I am so sad. I wanted to drive her till I was an old lady." She shot me an evil grin and quipped, "And you DID, Mum!"

We gave the whole matter some thought. Maybe I should get a car instead of a truck. For a week or two I thought about all the things I do with a truck; haul kayaks to the lake, haul hay from the field, haul firewood, haul 50 lb. bags of animal feed, haul chickens to the butcher, haul goats hither and yon... I really needed a truck.And truth be told, I LIKE driving a truck. I talked to a few auto savvy friends and several strongly suggested I look at Toyota's. We also looked at Chevrolet and GMC mid-sized trucks.

Although I love a brand new vehicle, I hate to take the hit on depreciation, and insurance and taxes are so high when you buy new. One day last week while I was working I got to thinking how some people know how to search on line for good, low mile, used cars. And then I thought about a friend of mine who has done just that. I wondered if she would tell me how to begin a search. I called her up and told her my dilemma and before I knew it she had offered to do a little looking for me. I told her what I was hoping for... a very basic truck that would be good for farm use. Ideally I wanted a 5 speed manual transmission, roll up windows (not electric) no back seat (leaving more room for the bed.) The next morning at 6:15 my friend called. She had found pretty much the exact truck I was looking for, in New Hampshire. Only 18,000 miles. Now this is a marvelous friend.

Meet Proud Mary. A 2010 Toyota Tacoma. She is a delight.
I will miss Doozy, but expect Proud Mary and I will have some excellent adventures.

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Micheal Miller said...

That Toyota Tacoma looks immaculate, Darryl. Change is really going to happen at some point, so it’s best to take control of it yourself. And it seems you have made a really great purchase here, but I guess time will tell whether this is going to fully take the challenges on the road. All signs lead to 'yes', so you have little to fear. Cheers!

Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers