Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kid update...

The goat kids are big, strong, shiny and beautiful. Four of them leave tomorrow to go to their new homes.

Jane Doe will be staying...

She is petite, lovely, and the most friendly little thing. I sat outside in the pasture for a bit today, and she was all up in my face, her velvet lips and ticklish whiskers on my cheeks, neck and chin. I had not intended to keep any of the kids, but she stole our hearts, so she will be a permanent fixture.

Buttercup, (white) and Flutterbye (note the butterfly image on her face) are lovely to look at. Buttercup is the image of her mama, my favorite goat, Luna. Flutterbye is striking in her flashy coat, and those face markings are quite unique.

This girl is sweet, but a little shy. I hope she will blossom in her new home. She'll be living just down the street, and I will get to visit her when her owners go out of town and I help with the livestock.

Little Jester is a friendly guy. A little pushy, but sweet.

Both the boys are larger and heavier than any of the girls. They are bolder, too.

And then there is this guy:

Not a goat. A ram lamb that I am keeping for a bit for a friend. I call him "Ram-chop." He is a sweet little guy. The cutest thing about him is that he LOVES bedtime. Around 6:00pm he starts to yell, and he calls out until I take some grain and hay and tuck him into a cozy little house with a few of the goat kids. He is most enthusiastic about this process, chowing down on the food I bring and then cuddling into the deep, clean straw with the kids. He looks so contented as I "tuck him in." It makes me smile.

They all make me smile. I have enjoyed these kids from the moment they entered the world. They have brought me much joy. I hope they will have good lives in their new homes. I hope their new humans will love them as much as I do.

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