Friday, June 5, 2015

Farmers Market Friday...

Union, the little town next to us, has a farmers market on Friday afternoons during the growing season. It isn't very big, but I just love it.

There was live music.

Cold drinks, flowers, plants for the garden.

Salad fixins' and novelty items. Kids tumble in the grass, people chat and catch up and visit. I shopped gleefully.

Afterwards I stopped at my friends house so Ziva could have a play date. We walked down to the river.

Past the bull with his whimsical whiskers.

Past the diminutive game hen chicken with her brood of baby turkeys.

The dogs raced and ran and tussled.

They waded happily in the river, chasing bubbles that came up from the mud.

It was chilly in Maine today, but our little outing to the cheery farm market and a walk with friends warmed us nicely.

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