Saturday, May 30, 2015

Attention to detail...

Yesterday I clipped a rabbit that had been taken in by a local rescue organization. He was quite badly matted, but was an exceptionally good sport about having me strip his coat off. I saved the fur in a bag, because I know a few people who spin and want to check to see if anyone wants it before I toss it.

Ziva finds the bag to be incredibly fascinating. It must smell marvelous to her.

She stands over the bag and inhales, audibly.

She smells up close. She smells from far away. Her eyes glaze over and she begins to tremble a bit.

She paws at it. This sends a gust of (presumably) intoxicating smelling air out of the bag.

She tires from standing and sniffing.

So she lies down and guards the bag, a treasure trove of scent-sory riches.

My dogs teach me many things. One is to appreciate the details. The scent, sound, sight and feel of my surroundings. If a bag full of bunny hair can make my dog so very happy, the riches in my own life should certainly be appreciated as well.

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