Monday, May 25, 2015

Scenic drive...

Since we were fairly productive around the place yesterday, we took some time this morning to go for a scenic drive. We do so love to ride together, in the little warm bubble of Chris' Subaru. As the world goes whizzing by we feel, sometimes, like it is just us, alone together, holding hands and enjoying the simple happiness that comes from being with each other.

We ended up in Damriscotta, a wonderful little sea-side town. I knew the Alewives were running, and there is a fish ladder there that I wanted to explore. I mentioned in a previous blog post that Alewives migrate by the millions from the ocean, up rivers, to the ponds and lakes where they hatched. There they spawn, then return to the sea. At least, the lucky ones do.

We saw a few that were not so lucky today. The gulls lined the edges of the river, and feasted until their crops were full to bursting. We could see the fish squirming around even after they were swallowed. THAT must be a strange sensation.

The fish that make it to the wonderful man-made "ladder" are protected from aerial predators by some netting. Here is what the fish ladder looks like:

If you look to the right of this picture you will see a dark, vertical shape. That is a fish climbing the ladder.

We had a fun little adventure on this beautiful morning.

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