Monday, May 4, 2015

Loving living locally...

I took most of the day off to write. I completed one article, did planning and research on two more. I had to go to the bank, and my daughter joined me. We also nipped into one of our wonderful local farm stands, Beth's. It just opened for the spring, and since it is so early in the season they didn't have a lot, but they did have fiddle-heads. Fiddle-heads are the new shoots of the Ostrich fern. They grow wild, locally, and are considered a bit of a delicacy here in Maine. We bought some for supper and my daughter cooked them up with a little garlic and some other seasonings. She also grilled some hamburgers. The meat was raised on our friends farm, and was delicious.

We ate at the picnic table for the first time this season. It was a delight. The baby goats entertained us by racing about in the pasture, leaping and hopping about like popcorn kernels on the greening grass.

Earlier today we popped into a different farm stand, Deerfoot Farm. There I bought some of the amazing locally made yogurt they carry. And we found this...

A tall glass jar, filled with delicious, icy cold, lemonade. I tried some. And it tasted like summer. A tart, rare, wonderful treat.

When we moved to this rural place from Memphis, we both expected that we would feel isolated, alone, without a sense of neighborhood. To our delighted surprise we have found great friends, and wonderful local places that make us feel connected and part of a kind and wonderful community. We have also made a habit of eating more food that is locally raised, (and raising some ourselves.) This had been an entirely delicious adventure.

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