Friday, May 1, 2015


When I graduated Masconomet Regional High School in 1978, my mother asked me what I'd like as a gift.
There was a jewelry store in Ipswich, Massachusetts (not far from where we lived) that I loved to haunt. It boasted a lot of native American jewelry.

I remember we went shopping there together, and she shelled out $150. to buy me a stunning, hand made "Squash Blossom" style silver and turquoise necklace. I wore it often, but over the years the silver became quite tarnished. I tried to clean it up, but the silver work was so intricate I never could get it to look right. I had to be careful what I used, because I didn't want to damage the turquoise.

Recently I needed to have a strand of pearls re-strung, and on a whim I took the squash blossom necklace along to the jewelry store to see if they could clean it up for me. They thought they could.

I picked it up today. This may have been the best $10 I've ever spent. 37 years worth of tarnish is gone. I can't wait to wear my beautiful necklace.

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