Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life is...

Last fall I contracted with a local guy to make me an arbor. I wanted it to be big, rustic, and made of birch. He finished it in late November, and we installed it in December over the walkway to the front door. Cold weather arrived shortly after, and record snowfall.

A week or so ago one of my customers asked me what kind of vine I had growing on my arbor. I told her that the vines were all part of the arbor itself, cut last fall and wired on to the wooden frame. She said, "Really? Because they are budding out." I looked, and to my total surprise, she was right.

Not only were they budding, but now little leaves are popping from those buds. This growth from branches cut from their source 7 or more months ago. Branches that have been cut, varnished, and frozen. Branches far from their source, wired to a frame and exposed to the brutal New England elements. Life? It is persistent.

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