Sunday, May 3, 2015


It is still chilly in Maine. When I went out to milk the goats this morning the thermometer read 37. But the daffodils are up, waving their bright faces. And I have planted pansies.

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Three buckets full, bright and colorful, bobbing in the spring breezes. They make me smile.

The pasture is beginning to green and grow, but I am still feeding some hay. Chanel eats it, the baby goats make it a warm bed.

Today I finished a long chapter to a book I am co-authoring, and with the able help of my patient husband, cleaned the deep bedding from the duck house. I hauled the old bedding to the vegetable garden and lined the edges of the bed with it to keep the weeds down. Then I cleaned out the chicken coop, and erected a little roost for the diminutive, new, Silky chickens. They took to it immediately, 3 little balls of white fluff in a sweet row. We added a half of bale of straw to the pigs house. I bet they had fun tossing the flakes to make their bed fluffy and soft. Pigs keep their bedding area very clean. All day today we saw them, running like race pigs up and down their paddock, from their house to the little pool at the end of the pasture. They have rooted up every bit of sod in their area with their strong snouts. They are happy pigs.

The days are longer, and warmer and I am so glad.

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