Friday, May 8, 2015

From snow to mow and more...

A month ago much of the ground was still covered with snow.

It was exciting to finally see bare ground, and then the first happy glimpses of grass. Once begun, the grass sprung.

We will need to mow this weekend! We may have to wait an interminable time for spring to arrive here in Maine, but once it is here it comes on in a rush.

The kids are growing at an amazing rate.

And sweet Luna goat is failing nearly as fast.

The veterinarian suspects she has lymphoma. She does not seem to be in pain, grazes and eats hay, soaks up the sun and snuggles her babies. I watch her carefully, as the weight melts off of her, and when I think she is in pain we will send this beloved goat on to where good, good goats go. And I will cry a lot.

When our friend Evan's comes over, Ziva loses her mind with joy. He kindly plays ball with her. Somehow playing with him elevates the game in her mind. She leaps and races with added fervor.

The dog, the grass,the growing goats, the season... they are all racing ahead.

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