Friday, May 15, 2015

Show offs...

Because I have been feeding the wild birds since last fall, I have a population which seems to be quite active and stable. I am keeping the feeders full, and there are not words to explain how much I enjoy watching them. All winter, when the world was shades of monotone, the birds were mostly drab as well. But now that spring is cranking up, the birds are showing off.

There are flocks of Goldfinches. Even though they are sort of "common," they delight me.

The Red Wing Blackbirds hang out under the feeders a lot, picking up seeds that have fallen. They hold their wings away from their bodies a bit, showing the patches of color on their shoulders. Some have just a sliver of red, others have a large swath. I don't know if it has to do with age or genetics, but the ones with a lot of red seem masterful at making the most of what they have, flashing it shamelessly.

There has been a pair of Baltimore Orioles hanging around for the last few days. The female comes down to eat suet and sample the offerings of oranges I put out. It was fun to see the orange Oriole and the stunning male Rose Breasted Grosbeak in such close proximity.

Besides filling space with their bright colors, the birds are singing up a storm as well. They are vying for mates, scoping out potential nesting sites, and filling the great outdoors with great beauty. Sometimes being a show off is a good thing!

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